Chapter 105: Without Equal in the World (Teaser)

Chapter 105: Without Equal in the World

“Hahahahaha….” That Xu Zhen was extremely proud of himself as he threw back his head and voiced a long shout. This call formed a strange undercurrent of strength as ripples of a strange power continuously spread out. Within a hundred meters of his being, those Greenwing Swordbirds who hadn’t had time to escape kept crying out in agony as they fell one by one from the sky.

“Oscillations of spirit qi, this is a spirit dao practitioner!” Above the Second Crossing, Princess Gouyu’s expression also suddenly changed drastically. She called out to a Goldwing Swordbird and leapt on its back, immediately rushing over to Jiang Chen’s side.

Even Jiang Feng, who was always valiant and fearless of nothing, paled when he heard the words “spirit dao practitioner”. He also summoned a Goldwing Swordbird and dived down the pass.

One had to know that Jiang Feng had a tremendous amount of self pride such that not even Long Zhaofeng, the first duke, could cow him into submission. But when he heard the words spirit dao practitioner, he too greatly lost his composure.

In such a common kingdom, a spirit dao practitioner was the existence of legends.

Even without Princess Gouyu’s reminder, at this moment, Jiang Chen had already made the judgement that these two people were spirit dao practitioners from the Purple Sun Sect.

This Xu Zhen...

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