Chapter 1049: Attention from Emperor Peerless

The legend of Myriad Abyss Island was a weighty subject. The seriousness of those present made Jiang Chen appreciate its impact all the more.

Emperor Peerless stared at him with some difficulty. “Don’t worry, young man. Tell us all that you know. If you’ve made everything up, please make it plain to us. I will intervene on your behalf so that nothing bad befalls you. But if you do speak the truth, then speak on.”

The emperor spoke with a very genuine tone. Jiang Chen had no doubt of the old man’s candid character. A single look into his eyes told Jiang Chen that.

“Emperor Peerless, Assistant Temple Master Gao. I’m sure men of your stature know whether Myriad Abyss Island exists or not. However, let my words be affirmation to your suspicions: it does indeed exist. It might as well not, though, for most of the world trying to get there.”

There was no insincerity in Jiang Chen’s words.

Emperor Peerless gazed at Jiang Chen for another long while before nodding. “As I thought,” he sighed, “There is somewhere like Myriad Abyss Island within the Divine Abyss Continent. All is as it should be… indeed.”

Pill King Blue Phoenix and Wang...

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