Chapter 1048: I Come From Myriad Abyss Island

There were nine arena lord seats, yet only eight people were selected? Many immediately caught on that something was up. There was something else at play here. The quicker ones immediately realized that someone had earned two arena lord seats. It wasn’t unprecedented for one person to earn two arena lord seats, but it was a once in a century occurrence. However, there was only numbers and not a single name on the ranking list. Other than the officials, nobody knew for sure who these numbers represented.

Assistant Temple Master Gao smiled. “Alright, those with their number on the list, please step forward and let everyone see you.”

Many who joined the Bounty Arena tryouts were from incredible backgrounds. Those who’d triumphed stepped out from the crowd and walked on stage after hearing the announcement. Basking in the attention of a crowd of millions was a very enjoyable feeling. They didn’t hesitate at all. However, Jiang Chen wasn’t fully engrossed in the moment of glory. He was more concerned about the Bounty Arena. Many gazes set upon...

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