Chapter 1047: Stunned

If it was the martial dao or the pill dao zone, then the possibility that someone might be able to answer all of the questions wasn’t entirely out of the question. But the general zone? Formation master Wang Xuetong couldn’t possibly be joking, could he? Everyone knew that the questions of the general zone comprised of all kinds of smaller studies and trades. The questions in there were so random that even the most learned person couldn’t possibly master all of them. Therefore, anyone who could answer all twenty questions in the general zone was already an absolute all-rounder genius. But… wasn’t that… impossible?

“Stop joking around, Master Wang.”

“Yeah, you’re not trying to tease us because we’re too quiet, are you Master Wang?”

Wang Xuetong smiled wryly. “I wish, but… this is the truth. Emperor Peerless, come take a look and confirm as well?”

Emperor Peerless landed next to Wang Xuetong with a shift of his body and took the scroll. His eyes moved rapidly as he reviewed it. It took only a moment before some measure of seriousness entered his eyes. When he was finished, the seriousness...

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