Chapter 1046: The Only Cross-Zone Challenger

Though Wang Xuetong marveled at this sight, he and the other judges didn’t hold Jiang Chen up. The young man was permitted inside. The formation master offered further praise after Jiang Chen entered. “Just now, a lot of people were clamoring about challenging several zones in succession. I thought that they were naïve and reckless. I didn’t imagine that someone would actually do it!”

“Haha, perhaps it’s a scion of some noble house who’s having some fun. It’s only been a little more than a day. Neither martial dao nor pill dao are easy subjects to master.”

“Yes. I’m not sure anyone can complete both sets of questions with even three days. My guess is that he’s given up already because he finds it too difficult. He might be trying his luck elsewhere.” The judges’ opinions of Jiang Chen were surprisingly uniform.

One of them led Jiang Chen to his seat. The youth was given a set of questions on a scroll very quickly. The scroll was very similar to that of the pill dao scroll. There were thirty questions in all, sorted by the same kind of ranking system. Because the set of questions was cross-disciplinary in nature, their...

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