Chapter 1045: A Jiang Chen Looked Down By All

A barrier isolated all the seats. Their communication was cut off from the outside world to prevent cheating. The anxious ones immediately opened their scrolls, and cold sweat started pouring down foreheads when they canned the questions. The questions ranged from level one to ten, each level significantly harder than the one before. It seemed to be an easy flight of stairs at the beginning, but the difficulty ramped up by several multitudes with each taken step. The ninth and tenth level was so difficult that it was like ascending the heavens.

It was an unknown whether they’d finish just these questions on time, much less than try for another zone. And where would they even find the energy and strength to do such a thing?

The contestants were secretly groaning with agony, except for Jiang Chen. He’d never faced any obstacles in pill dao, whether in the Regal Pill Palace, Veluriyam Capital, or Pillfire City. The contents...

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