Chapter 1044: Jiang Chen's Ambition

Jiang Chen wasn’t particularly moved by this news because the number of seats didn’t really matter to him. His objective hadn’t changed since the start. Even if there was only one arena lord seat left, he would do everything in his power to take it. Since there were nine seats available, he felt even more confident.

From the crowd’s reactions, the assistant temple master knew that this announcement was as popular as expected. He immediately continued his encouragement. “I hope that you will show your true skills and do everything in your power to win this competition. I guarantee you that the scale of this term’s Bounty Arena won’t disappoint you all. Of course, the nine arena lords who will be joining us in this Bounty Arena later will be very powerful, because they must first obtain our judges’ unanimous approval.”

So it seemed that Emperor Peerless, Pill King Blue Phoenix and Formation Master Wang Xuetong would also be the judges of the arena lord tryouts. The contestants couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. Some people were even worried that the judges had...

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