Chapter 1043: The Three Greats

The Temple of Cleansing Fire began to take the Bounty Arena more and more seriously as time went on. It was evident from the kind of people they sent as ushers: they were of a much higher caliber than the last time the Arena was hosted. After verifying Jiang Chen’s participation medallion to be without error, the ushers politely let him inside. 

Moreover, there was an administrator-level guide ready for him. If there was any suspicion in the man’s mind with regard to Jiang Chen’s youth, he did not show it. Instead, the covert young lord was treated with a warm smile every step of the way, his attendant maintaining a perfect professionalism. Even if Jiang Chen wanted to find fault, there was very little he could complain about.

It’s unsurprising that the Temple of Cleansing Fire is one of the most powerful factions here in Pillfire City. They’re not like the rest, that’s for sure. Invisibly, Jiang Chen’s opinion of the faction rose a fair bit. In the selection area, he noted that the...

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