Chapter 1042: Enhancing the Level of the Bounty Arena

Lin Yanyu’s information web ran incredibly deep. Jiang Chen couldn’t help but be a little curious when he heard that there was another variation to the rumors.

“The other version is something that many dare not share in public. Apparently, Emperor Peerless bet against another famous great emperor because of a girl. They were both in love with the same girl, but the girl loved Emperor Peerless. This troubled the famous great emperor greatly. He had a better background and was a tinge stronger than Emperor Peerless, but yet, he was unable to earn the girl’s fancy. Thus, he challenged Emperor to a battle. The winner of the battle would earn the right to be wed to the girl. Unfortunately, the girl’s love for Emperor Peerless was simply too deep, and refused to accept anyone but him, regardless of the outcome of the battle. She even publicly announced that she would only love Emperor Peerless, and Emperor Peerless alone. This angered the other famous great...

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