Chapter 1041: Emperor Peerless

Of course, Jiang Chen wasn’t a person who took advantage of a situation for personal gain. But he looked like one to Temple of Cleansing Fire though. First, he was an unfamiliar face. A stranger naturally evoked a sense of untrustworthiness. Second, he looked like a very young man. He just didn’t look like someone who could win all the way to become an arena lord. Considering his age, he would have to be a descendant of a great emperor faction at minimum to compete for the seat of arena lord. It was almost impossible for an average young genius to become one.

If he used his influence, then he might have a shot at fighting for the seat of assistant arena lord. Therefore, to the people of Temple of Cleansing Fire, Jiang Chen hadn’t come here to compete seriously. He was here to achieve a personal goal.

Jiang Chen didn’t bother to explain himself. The truth spoke louder than words. He slapped a hundred million spirit stones worth of deposit on the table. Right now, money was more persuasive than anything he could say. Even if he wasn’t here to compete seriously, he still had the money to do whatever he wanted. Plus,...

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