Chapter 104 - Annihilating Long Zhaofeng, Arrival of the Sect

Chapter 104:

Bang, bang, bang!

Three arrows connected solidly with Long Zhaofeng’s critical parts, but he was wearing soft armor that actually prevented the three arrows from penetrating through.

However, even though they didn’t pierce Long Zhaofeng, a strong infusion of true qi rushing into his body was enough to vibrate his body so much so that he spat out countless mouthfuls of blood, as his internal organs were heavily injured.

“Xue’er, go!”

Long Zhaofeng roared like a tiger, like he was completely mad as he covered Long Juxue’s dash towards the depths of the mountain valley.

Jiang Chen snorted lightly, you want to leave?

More than ten Goldwing Swordbirds with hundreds of Silverwing Swordbirds formed a net from which there was no escape, completely blocking off Long Juxue’s path!

Long Zhaofeng spat out more blood when he saw the situation and knew that things were beyond salvation. Even his daughter wouldn’t make it out.

At this moment, he only felt a breeze over his head. By the time he reacted, Jiang Feng’s Goldwing Swordbird had already swept over like lightning.

Frosty light flashed from a blade as it sliced down.

The gleam raced over Long Zhaofeng’s neck as a crisp, breaking sound rang out. Long Zhaofeng’s head flew towards the skies with a pair of eyes filled with hate, that didn’t even have time to close in acceptance.

He wasn’t...

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