Chapter 1039: The Star Harvesters’ Decision

Jiang Chen didn’t chase Keke away because she had been sent by the gang. That was proof that they were still interested in him as a potential buyer. He paid no heed to whatever ulterior motive they had. As long as they continued showing interest in him, there was still a possibility that the deal could happen.

He didn’t fret after sending Miss Keke off, because he knew that Mu Gaoqi was simply too important to the Star Harvesters. He had to construct a meticulous plan before making his next move. He would have to succeed in his first try. If any mistakes were made, his previous efforts would have all been for naught. Moreover, it would make the Star Harvesters more vigilant as well. This was also the reason why he hadn’t refused to talk with Miss Keke. The gang’s stance was unclear, as they hadn’t fully refused the trade. Things were at a standstill.

He made his decision, choosing to follow Lin Yanyu’s suggestion and tackle the problem from within. It wasn’t easy to infiltrate a gang like the Star Harvesters. However, there...

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