Chapter 1038: Miss Keke Pays a Visit

Jiang Chen did nothing much over the next few days. He was aware that the gang was keeping an eye on him, but didn’t expose its watchers. Instead, he strolled the streets of Pillfire City everyday and even visited the slave market on several occasions. It was an act to make his observers feel like he was thirsty for talent. As a result, his watchers felt like they weren’t able to grasp his true objective. Because the Star Harvesters was surveilling him, Jiang Chen and Lin Yanyu now communicated through consciousness messages instead of meeting directly with each other. So far, there had been no trouble.

Lin Yanyu had managed to gather a bit of intelligence through all sorts of channels. It was all related to the Star Harvesters, but the amount of information that was actually useful was pitifully small. Jiang Chen had considered using the Goldbiter Rats to gather information from underground, but a place like the gang headquarters would certainly be protected by all kinds of restrictions. Although the Goldbiter Rats could travel through earth, they couldn’t break...

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