Chapter 1037: Two Plans

Jiang Chen thought for a few more moments before speaking once more. “Five sky rank spirit herbs, plus two exclusive true sage realm ancient pill recipes. That’s my final offer.”

Gai Zonglin mulled it over for only an instant before cackling. “Not a bad bid, but it’s far from what I’d expect out of a legitimate deal. If that truly is your final offer, then my apologies, but no deal.”

“I doubt that the local leading factions are willing to pay a similar price, Boss Gai.” Jiang Chen frowned.

“Haha, then you underestimate Pillfire City’s wealth. Even if you truly hail from Myriad Abyss Island, I would not belittle the locals’ purchasing power. Their thirst for talent is much stronger than you might imagine.”

No bargaining tactic seemed to be working on Gai Zonglin. His original plan to directly purchase Mu Gaoqi from the Star Harvesters was probably a failure. Even so, although he couldn’t hand over the spirit herbs that Gai Zonglin had demanded, he could definitely offer up more ancient pill recipes in substitution. Forcing...

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