Chapter 1036: Star Harvesters’ Boss

Though Jiang Chen was no expert at dealing with young girls, he knew that girls of such an age were typically extremely curious. The more mysterious one seemed, the more one could pique her curiosity. Thus, when faced with Miss Keke’s inquisitiveness, he returned no explanation, merely a faint smile. The more he refrained from speaking, the more unfathomable he would appear.

His mysterious affectation did indeed make Miss Keke look at him in a rather different light. Yet, her gaze was not that of a newly-charmed young girl, but one filled with interest, fascination, envy, and admiration. There was the very real desire to unravel any secrets he held. After a few moments, the supervisor returned to the resting area, making straight for Jiang Chen.

“Friend, the boss has agreed to an audience with you after hearing about the deal.”

Jiang Chen had fully expected that sort of answer. “Is Master Mu present or not?”

The supervisor hadn’t seen anyone brave enough to haggle so rudely on the very grounds of the Star Mill before. But this deal was too important...

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