Chapter 1035: The Temptation of a Deal

Jiang Chen was indeed trying to cause trouble, but it was all to see Mu Gaoqi. Thus, he didn’t even attempt to deflect when the manager glared at him angrily. “You’re half correct. I’m also here for Master Mu,” he replied while smiling.

“Oh? Don’t tell me that by challenging Master Mu, you’re planning on using his fame to catapult yourself to success? Isn’t that a little too much wishful thinking on your part?” The manager’s tone was extremely cold.

“Borrowing his fame for success?” Jiang Chen burst into laughter. “You’re overthinking things. I’m only here to propose a deal to the Star Harvesters.

“A deal?” The manager tried very hard to suppress his vexation. “What kind of deal?”

“Are you allowed to make decisions for the Star Harvesters? Can you sign off on matters related to Master Mu?” Jiang Chen asked in response.

At first, the manager was stunned by his reply, but he quickly recollected himself and scrutinized the plain-looking wandering cultivator standing before him. He wasn’t sure whether Jiang Chen was truly so dumb and fearless, or if...

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