Chapter 1034: Mu Gaoqi’s Unique Style

Although it had been many years since he’d seen Mu Gaoqi, Jiang Chen still hadn’t forgotten his brother’s unique aura. Mu Gaoqi was born with the natural aura befitting that of a graceful immortal, and his pills also accordingly possessed this unique quality. During his baptism in the wood spirit spring, Mu Gaoqi absorbed some of the spring’s intrinsic qualities as well. Naturally, having spent so much time with him, Jiang Chen was quite familiar with his aura.

Therefore, Jiang Chen immediately recognized the pills when he saw them. There was no mistake. These pills had been refined by Mu Gaoqi. They possessed a certain quality that no one else could imitate, not even Jiang Chen himself. He might be able to imitate the wood spring’s aura, but he doubted that he could imitate Mu Gaoqi’s unique, graceful aura.

What surprised him was that he discovered Mu Gaoqi’s pill dao level had improved tremendously. Although these pills weren’t considered first rate in Jiang Chen’s eyes, they would still be deemed amongst the finest of other similarly-ranked pills. These pills possessed a unique quality that clearly distinguished...

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