Chapter 1033: Star Mill

Lin Yanyu was quite competent. Although he had only returned to Pillfire City for half a month, the intelligence he’d gathered was extremely detailed. After a brief overview, Jiang Chen gained a rough understanding of the situation.

“Young Lord, the Star Harvesters know that a lot of factions are keeping an eye on their slave with the innate wood constitution, so they’ve made sure to obfuscate their activities and keep a tight ring of protection around him. Not many people have even seen this slave in Pillfire City. Therefore, I believe it is very difficult to snatch him by force. As for buying him outright, that seems unlikely as well. They seem to be holding on for a greater profit.”

“Hold onto him for greater profit, you say?” Jiang Chen smiled. “If that’s the case, then that means buying the slave isn’t completely out of the question. In their eyes, a genius with an innate wood constitution is only a product. They’re just waiting for a good offer.”

The Star Harvesters was ultimately a gang, not a sect. A gang cared most for profit. The reason they were boosting interest this way was simply to raise the price and get...

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