Chapter 1032: Pillfire City

“You worthless scoundrel! You’ll be the death of me one day!” The vice city lord was thoroughly infuriated by his fop of a son.

His henchmen immediately ran up to hold him back from lunging forward. “City Lord! Stop! Stop!”

“He might die if you go on!”

Stymied by the efforts of his henchmen, the city lord slumped back in his chair, panting, and glared at his son. “You bastard! What did you receive from Dong Sheng for the incident at Prancing Pony?!” His eyes were as wide as a bell as his voice thundered around the hall. 

“I… father… I had nothing to do with the incident at the Prancing Pony.” The good-for-nothing son continued to deny his involvement.

“Still trying to weasel your way out of it?” The vice city lord lifted his leg, moments away from kicking his son straight across the room. The latter would’ve likely been bedridden for three months if the city lord’s men didn’t once again rescue him. “Bastard! The crown prince himself will deal with you if you don’t cough up the truth! You’ll land me in trouble too! Nobody can save you then!”

The good-for-nothing was shocked by...

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