Chapter 1031: The Shocked Crown Prince

The grand tutor was as surprised as the prince when he heard the full story. “The Prancing Pony is a second-rate faction in Goldtower City. At best, they might be able to claw their way into becoming a leading actor on that stage. But it’s only the level of a city. This friend with such lofty origins came to the crown prince for something so insignificant? Truly, it is difficult to understand the whims of the great. He would have been able to settle the matter easily enough just by himself.”

“He said that Steward Niu was a past acquaintance. Maybe he thinks that it would be inappropriate for him to intervene personally.” The crown prince was unsure.

“Hmm. The geniuses of Veluriyam Capital tend to value their dignity. Perhaps he does not want the bad reputation that comes of interfering in a nation’s internal affairs. Our friend is not only a genius, but a gentleman too. He has ability and skill, but he does not exert his authority over others casually. That is not something everybody can simply do.” The grand tutor spoke of Jiang Chen’s actions with respect and praise.

Looking back at the short letter in the crown prince’s hand, he asked, “Is this the introductory letter he wrote you?”

“Yes. Grand Tutor, please take a look to see if...

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