Chapter 1030: Dusting Off and Leaving

If the prince was somewhat unconvinced earlier, then the reality that greeted his eyes rendered him completely speechless. His earlier distrust completely disappeared, leaving behind admiration that rose from the bottom from his heart. Despite being depressed, he couldn’t help but ask, “Are all pill dao experts in Veluriyam Capital as skilled as you? I suppose Bluesky Nation is a little outdated compared to the world.”

Jiang Chen found the dejected-looking prince to be rather more interesting than before. He understood that the young prince was simply trying to strengthen his country by refining the Fierce Tiger Pill, so he refrained from attacking the example of royal proactiveness. 

“It’s only natural that Veluriyam Capital’s pill dao is many times stronger than Bluesky Nation’s. You don’t need to be depressed. When it comes to pill dao, there are only a handful of people who are better than me in Veluriyam Capital.” This was Jiang Chen being humble. In reality, no one in Veluriyam Capital could compare to him when it came to pill dao. In fact, no one was even close to his level. In all likelihood, there was no one in the entire Divine Abyss Continent who came close when it came to pill dao.

If Jiang Chen had made that claim before his demonstration, the prince would’ve thought it a load of hot air. But now, it almost seemed...

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