Chapter 1029: Turning Stone to Gold, Trash to Treasure

Jiang Chen paid the guards no mind. His only response was a faint smile as he looked piercingly at the crown prince. His expression was relaxed as he spoke. “Are you interested in a private chat, Your Highness?”

Though the stranger had acted brusquely, the crown prince noticed his composure under the royal guards’ pressure. That alone was enough to mark this man as extraordinary. Captains of the crown prince’s personal guard were usually mid rank emperor realm cultivators. Furthermore, the guardsmen were all at least sky sage realm, with the slightly better ones half-step emperor realm and a few even mid rank emperor realm. A retinue like this was more than enough to render the common man incapable of controlling his bladder in fear.

The crown prince’s hesitation made Jiang Chen smile. “As Veluriyam Capital’s line of defense on the northern border, Bluesky Nation is a principality of considerable importance. You are its crown prince, are you not? Surely you have more courage than this.” A provocation would usually do the trick.

“Who are you, sir?” The prince’s face chilled. “For someone who now stands in my palace, you are being exceptionally discourteous. There is no need for me to prove to you how much courage I have. I don’t...

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