Chapter 1028: A Way to Repay a Favor Once and for All

Regardless of the reliability of the news or whether it was even relevant, it was still very important. Jiang Chen couldn’t ignore it no matter what.

“Shopkeeper Niu, was this mission widespread?” He couldn’t help but ask.

“The Tilted Moon Region is situated in the northwestern region of the Upper Eight Regions, so few people in Veluriyam Capital know about this. However, this mission was somewhat known to the areas north of the Upper Eight Regions. Of course, the news didn’t travel very far since it was considered minor. No one thought much of it even if it was brought up during a conversation. The only reason it was even mentioned was because a first-rank sect was involved. Had it been a second or third-rank sect, no one would have mentioned it at all.”

A first-rank sect normally earned more attention because there weren’t many true first-rank powers in the Upper Eight Regions. Veluriyam Capital was located to the south of the Upper Eight Regions, whereas the Tilted Moon Region was situated to the northwest. As the crow flew, they were about 300,000 miles apart. If someone were to travel on foot from Veluriyam Capital to the Tilted Moon Region, they would have...

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