Chapter 1027: Searching For News of Parents

Why had Niu Wuhua come out so hastily to welcome Jiang Chen? He’d seen the Silver Dragon Medallion and knew that it was second to only Emperor Coiling Dragon’s Golden Dragon Medallion. That was why he didn’t suspect Jiang Chen’s identity at all. He knew that this was an important figure and backer who could change his fate.

Although Manager Qiu guessed from Jiang Chen’s appearance that he was probably an extraordinary young man, he didn’t believe him entirely. A bit of doubt and suspicion still lingered in his eyes. Naturally, his suspicion didn’t escape Jiang Chen’s attention. He smiled casually at Manager Qiu. 

“Manager Qiu, you seem to be suffering from some hidden illness. Did you experience an inner energy reversal three to five years ago? And did you almost experience a cultivation deviation?”

Manager Qiu’s entire body shook when he heard this. An astonished light filled his eyes. Only a few people close to him knew about this matter, much less an outsider. But this young master Ji San had figured out this many of his symptoms with just a few glances. Just… just how great were his...

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