Chapter 1025: Forcing Me to Beat You Up

Jiang Chen didn't want to stir up too much trouble, but he wasn’t about to wait around for someone to step on his toes. The fact that such two-bit characters dared to be so boisterous right in front of him was slightly upsetting. Normally, he would have laughed it off. But he hadn’t just come in here for lodgings like he would have usually. He had worries weighing on his mind… It was a very poor time for anyone to get on his bad side. The act of provocation infuriated him.

“Crawl?” Jiang Chen smiled angrily. “Try and make me.”

“You son of a bitch! Pretending like you’re some big shot, huh?”

“Come on, buds, get ‘im!”

“Don’t hold back! Dead or maimed, count it all on me!”

Manager Qiu knew that the thugs weren’t exactly a friendly bunch. The Prancing Pony hadn’t been cluttered with such debris in the past, but the past several months had changed it for the worse. The atmosphere here was quite awful now—a public brawl was about to start! He was both pained and anxious. “Taking a step back is both the safest and wisest choice, friend. Why...

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