Chapter 1023: A Bit of Surprising News

“Sage brother Vastsea, this foolish brother plans to head out on a trip,” Emperor Shura suddenly said.

“Oh? Where do you plan to go, brother?”

“The Eternal Celestial Capital,” Emperor Shura suddenly said. “Some time ago, its master sent me an invitation. I’ve been wondering about his intention since then to no avail.”

“Oh? This happened?” Emperor Vastsea exclaimed. “Where’s the invitation?”

Emperor Shura waved his sleeve, sending a note straight into Emperor Vastsea’s hands. However, Emperor Vastsea frowned when he read the letter. “The tone of this invitation is sincere, but there’s not much to it at all. It only requests your presence at the Celestial Capital. I wonder what his intentions may be?”

Emperor Shura responded indifferently, “I am just as puzzled as you are. That being said, I cannot find any malice in this invitation.”

Emperor Vastsea pondered. “The way things are going right now, brother, it will be difficult for you to rustle up any more support within Veluriyam Capital. Perhaps a trip outside may yield some pleasant surprises.”

“That is true. Perhaps I really should consider a different way of doing things. Oh right, sage brother, a grand celebration will be held to celebrate the Coiling Dragon clan lord’s...

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