Chapter 1022: Stirring to Action

Indeed, if the Pinecrane Pill could be mass produced, it would definitely cause many emperor realm cultivators to defect to the Capital. However, the ingredients for the pill were simply too precious. Emperor Peafowl felt that it was a beautiful idea not destined to happen.

“Honorable guests, the appearance of an eighth great emperor is cause for great celebration. I’ve decided that once Emperor Coiling Dragon comes out from seclusion, we shall immediately perform the coronation, start the construction of his palace, and formally bestow him the title of great emperor. I trust that everyone is fine with this arrangement?” 

To be granted the title of great emperor, one had to reach the required cultivation realm and be recognized by other great emperors. It wasn’t difficult to find a great emperor to recognize his ascension in a city like Veluriyam Capital. There were seven great emperors in this capital alone. It was unlikely that the clan lord would face any obstructions. However, the formation of a new emperor faction couldn’t be...

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