Chapter 1021: Stunning Veluriyam Capital

Jiang Chen’s words were a moment of enlightenment for the clan lord. It immediately tore apart the paper that had stood in his way and caused boundless inspiration to enter his dao heart. Emperor Peafowl smiled. “You master is truly an astonishing person, little guy. Some words were all that it took to manifest a new great emperor. Clan Lord, congratulations.”

The clan lord spoke in a trembling voice, “Your Majesty, young lord… I… your subordinate is truly about to achieve a breakthrough. I can already feel the fountain of inspiration knocking at my doorsteps. I feel that it’s unstoppable and that it’ll break through that final barrier.”

“Haha, a couple thousand years later Veluriyam Capital finally welcomes its eighth great emperor!” Emperor Peafowl sounded very gratified. The fact that a new great emperor was born to Sacred Peafowl Mountain was invigorating news to the faction.

“Your Majesty, please allow your subordinate to use the precious land of Sacred Peafowl Mountain temporarily. I would like to enter seclusion for several days.”

“Go and seek out Cloudsoar Monarch. He will make the appropriate arrangements.” There was no reason for Emperor Peafowl to turn him down. The ascension process to great emperor was a critical stage in one’s cultivation, so a secular place like the Coiling Dragon...

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