Chapter 1021: Stunning Veluriyam Capital

Jiang Chen’s words were a moment of enlightenment for the clan lord. It immediately tore apart the paper that had stood in his way and caused boundless inspiration to enter his dao heart. Emperor Peafowl smiled. “You master is truly an astonishing person, little guy. Some words were all that it took to manifest a new great emperor. Clan Lord, congratulations.”

The clan lord spoke in a trembling voice, “Your Majesty, young lord… I… your subordinate is truly about to achieve a breakthrough. I can already feel the fountain of inspiration knocking at my doorsteps. I feel that it’s unstoppable and that it’ll break through that final barrier.”

“Haha, a couple thousand years later Veluriyam Capital finally welcomes its eighth great emperor!” Emperor Peafowl sounded very gratified. The fact that a new great emperor was born to Sacred Peafowl Mountain was invigorating news to the faction.

“Your Majesty, please allow your subordinate to use the precious land of Sacred Peafowl Mountain temporarily. I would like to enter seclusion for several days.”

“Go and seek out Cloudsoar Monarch. He will make the appropriate arrangements.” There was no reason for Emperor Peafowl to turn him down. The ascension process to great emperor was a critical stage in one’s cultivation, so a secular place like the Coiling Dragon main residence was obviously not suitable for a breakthrough. Such a breakthrough demanded a lot from its environment. Most importantly, the strange phenomenon caused by the ascension to great emperor was incredibly shocking. If the breakthrough was completed in the secular world, the Coiling Dragon main residence might be turned upside down.

Neither Emperor Peafowl nor the clan lord wished to see this. The emperor sighed softly. “It seems that my plans to head out must be delayed for a moment longer. Your plans to head out will probably be delayed for several days too.”

It was now certain that the Coiling Dragon clan lord was going to break through to great emperor. He would spend three to five days in seclusion and would need another three to five days to stabilize his realm. If the entire process was finished quickly, it could be completed in seven days at the quickest or half a month at the slowest. Once he came out of seclusion, a new great emperor would be born in Veluriyam Capital.

The arrival of every new great emperor was a grand event in Veluriyam Capital. This tradition had been present since several thousand years ago. The new great emperor would be coronated, granted a new title, and allowed to build his own sacred ground. This all required a grand celebration. As the master and young lord of Sacred Peafowl Mountain, Emperor Peafowl and Jiang Chen had to attend attend this celebration.

They had to support the clan lord during this celebration because he had ascended to great emperor as a member of Sacred Peafowl Mountain. Even after he became the eighth great emperor, he would still be labeled as a member of Sacred Peafowl Mountain. He would be a diehard follower of the faction.


Three days later, a splendid light suddenly shot towards the clouds. Thunderous rumbles followed as countless rainbow lights, clouds, and birds scattered down. The powerful strange phenomenon in the skies covered the entire air space of Sacred Peafowl Mountain. It pushed the surrounding clouds ten thousand kilometers away. Inside Veluriyam Capital territory, every country, city, capital, and territory under the seven great emperors’ command were alerted by this strange phenomenon. Everyone’s gazes were fixed upon Sacred Peafowl Mountain.

“What’s this? A strange phenomenon?”

“Considering its strength, does this mean that someone in Sacred Peafowl Mountain has become a great emperor?”

“That’s absolutely a phenomenon that only a great emperor’s ascension would trigger. The phenomenon caused by a normal emperor’s breakthrough doesn’t even reach one fifth of its size!”

“Did someone reach great emperor realm in Sacred Peafowl Mountain? Who? Is it Cloudsoar Monarch?”

“That can’t be right. We haven’t heard of any emperors who were on the verge of ascending to great emperor from Sacred Peafowl Mountain lately.”

“What’s going on over there?”

“Let’s go have a look!” The experts who happened to be closer to Sacred Peafowl Mountain could no longer sit still. The birth of a great emperor was something that happened only once in a thousand years. Not even a great emperor would be able to sit through such a grand occurrence.

Countless experts from all kinds of forces were gathered at the entrance of Sacred Peafowl Mountain in just a short amount of time. Out of all six great emperors of Veluriyam Capital, Emperor Shura was the only who didn’t show. Emperor Vastsea especially was wearing an incredibly complex expression on his face. He stared at the strange phenomenon that didn’t fade until a very long time later with a wordless frown.

“It really is the phenomenon of a breakthrough to great emperor. It becomes more obvious the closer we are to it.” Emperor Void sighed. “To think that someone in Sacred Peafowl Mountain would break through! This is truly a place of crouching tigers and hidden dragons.”

He was a diehard supporter of Sacred Peafowl Mountain and also the first person to exclaim his admiration. Despite Emperor Petalpluck’s calm demeanor, he too was gladdened by the birth of a new great emperor. 

“Sacred Peafowl Mountain has countless talents in their midst. They truly are the strongest power to exist in Veluriyam Capital for nearly five thousand years. Sacred Peafowl Mountain is the indisputable ruler of Veluriyam Capital.”

His words caused Emperor Shura’s ardent supporter, Emperor Vastsea’s heart to skip a beat. This was not good news for their faction at all. It was bad enough that Emperor Shura’s ambition had been thwarted again and again. Today, a new great emperor had emerged and shattered the silence that had enveloped Veluriyam Capital for thousands of years. Veluriyam Capital was about to welcome its eighth great emperor. This was an even greater blow to Emperor Shura’s ambitions to rule over Veluriyam Capital.

Emperor Mountaincrush smiled. “We’re lonely at the top too, aren’t we? Today, a fellow great emperor will be joining our fold. This is truly fantastic news.”

Cloudsoar Monarch flew out of Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s entrance at this moment. When he saw that the five great emperors had gathered outside Sacred Peafowl Mountain, he hastily moved forward and saluted them.

“My greatest apologies for not welcoming your arrival properly, great emperors. Please, come with me for a meeting in Sacred Peafowl Mountain. His Majesty is already waiting respectfully inside.” Cloudsoar Monarch was neither overbearing nor servile, but he didn’t forgo any etiquette either.

“Haha, Cloudsoar, and here I thought that you were the one who had ascended to great emperor. So, who was it? Was it Wildfox Monarch? Plumscore Monarch? Or Chronobalance Monarch?” Emperor Mountaincrush asked laughingly. He had a straightforward personality.

Cloudsoar Monarch smiled. “Please come with me for a meeting. His Majesty will personally explain this matter to you all. It’s not my place to reveal this.”

The great emperors didn’t grow angry even though Cloudsoar Monarch was keeping the secret. Instead, they exchanged a smile with each other before flying through the entrance. It was obvious that these great emperors were all itching to know the answer.

Inside Sacred Peafowl Palace, Emperor Peafowl had sensed his guests before they arrived. He had long since given orders to prepare drinks. As the young lord appointed by Emperor Peafowl himself, it was only natural for Jiang Chen to stay right by Emperor Peafowl’s side. He didn’t turn down the emperor’s request. He knew that Emperor Peafowl was purposely giving him the opportunity to gain more exposure.

By now, the seven great emperors had shown up in the hall. Emperor Shura was the only one who hadn’t come. Emperor Shura’s absence was within Emperor Peafowl and Jiang Chen’s predictions. That Emperor Vastsea was here meant that he represented Emperor Shura.

After the great emperors had taken their seats, Emperor Mountaincrush asked impatiently before he even took a sip of wine, “Daoist Peafowl, everyone here is anxious to know the answer. Who is the friend in Sacred Peafowl Mountain who has ascended to great emperor? We are all peers now, so why don’t you invite him or her over?”

The other great emperors also had a great deal of questions to ask themselves, but Emperor Mountaincrush had stolen a march and asked what they all wanted to know. Therefore, everyone stared intently at Emperor Peafowl for the answer.

Emperor Peafowl smiled leisurely. “The heavens favor Veluriyam Capital. A new great emperor is born after thousands of years have passed.”

“Fellow daoist, please don’t keep us on tenterhooks any longer. My heart is itching to know the answer, so why don’t you tell us who’s the person who has ascended to great emperor before anything else?” Emperor Mountaincrush said.

“Yeah, Daoist Peafowl, let us know the answer already,” Emperor Void also asked smilingly.

“It’s the clan lord of the Coiling Dragon Clan.” Emperor Peafowl stopped beating around the bush.

“What? The Coiling Dragon clan lord?”

“How can it possibly be him?”

“He… didn’t they say that his cultivation has dissipated several years ago? In fact, he hasn’t come out of seclusion since the last Veluriyam Pagoda gathering. Everyone thought that his cultivation had dissipated and he passed away as a result.”

Emperor Mountaincrush smiled wryly. “What in the world is going on, daoist? Were the rumors about the Coiling Dragon clan lord false?”

“But it’s true that he is reaching the end of his lifespan. Everyone knows this. This isn’t fake, is it?” Emperor Vastsea himself looked a little astonished. He could accept it if either one of the four monarchs of Sacred Peafowl Mountain had ascended to great emperor. But the Coiling Dragon clan lord was about to die. In fact, everyone had assumed that he was a dead man already. Now that it was suddenly revealed that he had ascended as a great emperor instead, it was no wonder that this news was slightly difficult to accept.

“It is true that he was nearing the end of his lifespan, but the rumors regarding his cultivation dissipation were fake. If that had truly happened, how could he possibly be ascending today?” Emperor Peafowl smiled. “It was exactly because he was nearing the end of his lifespan that he achieved enlightenment while trapped within the great fear of life and death. Faced with his own mortality, he fought with everything he had and ultimately found the inspiration to go even higher. As a result, his life’s potential became active and actually pushed him to ascend to great emperor.”

The entire hall was silent after he said this. Was there really such a thing? This was actually the first time they had heard of a person nearing the end of his lifespan who was able to unearth such powerful potential. Normally speaking, such a person would appear lifeless and experience a continual degradation of his life force and bodily functions. Logically speaking, it shouldn’t be possible for a person like this to activate his life’s potential. Was this Coiling Dragon clan lord a monster or something?

Although they were doubtful of Emperor Peafowl’s claims, they had no choice but to believe him. After all, it was impossible to hide things in such a manner. The emperor wouldn’t be saying such things if the clan lord hadn’t really ascended to great emperor. Plus, there was no point in lying about such a matter. Most importantly, the clan lord was a man nearing the end of his lifespan, so how had he managed to activate his life’s potential?

This was what they were most curious about. It was because the Coiling Dragon clan lord hadn’t looked like a man who was nearing the end of his lifespan or experiencing cultivation dissipation when they saw him last at the Veluriyam Pagoda Gathering. Although he hadn’t shown any signs that his life’s potential was activated at the time, he definitely didn’t look much different than before.

Emperor Vastsea suddenly asked, “Your Majesty, the Longevity Pill of Sacred Peafowl Mountain can increase the lifespan of a sage realm cultivator, am I right? Is it possible that Sacred Peafowl Mountain has come up with a new pill that can expand even the lifespan of an emperor realm cultivator?”

This question had come out of nowhere. Even Jiang Chen was slightly startled. Emperor Vastsea’s intuition is pretty good. However, Emperor Peafowl broke into involuntary laughter. “Ole brother Vastsea, you have a vivid imagination. A pill like this may exist in the world, but at the very least I haven’t seen such a pill despite having lived for several thousands years already.”

Everyone laughed too. “If there really was a pill like this, Veluriyam Capital’s pill business would absolutely be able to compete with Pillfire City’s.”

“True, setting aside the amount of profit it would bring, how many emperor realm cultivators would Veluriyam Capital attract if we actually had such a pill?”

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