Chapter 1020: A Sudden Enlightenment

Of course, this didn’t mean that every great emperor in Veluriyam Capital was worth recruiting.

“Emperor Vastsea has been in close relations with Emperor Shura since his youth. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that half of Emperor Shura’s ambition stems from Emperor Vastsea. Their alliance has only emboldened the former,” Emperor Peafowl said with a stern expression. “You needn’t bother to rope Emperor Vastsea in. He is a sworn ally of Emperor Shura. If you ever find yourself up against Emperor Shura, remember that you will be facing two emperor factions.” 

Jiang Chen was already mentally prepared. He smiled faintly. “Everyone in Veluriyam Capital knows that Emperor Shura and Emperor Vastsea are on the same team. Did they do that on purpose to empower Emperor Shura?” 

“You are correct. The capital has a precedent rule to prevent emperor factions from forming an alliance. They might not be a true alliance, but it is a known fact that they have close ties to each other. They are practically no different from an alliance.” 

“What about the...

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