Chapter 102: A Crushing Trample

Chapter 102: A Crushing Trample

An innumerable amount of disastrous Swordbirds flooded out of the mountain valley.

Tidewaters were often used as a descriptor, but even tidewaters were still contained within the rivers and seas.

This tide of Swordbirds occupied the entire sky, occupied all available space. These fierce and violent beasts were covering every corner and spot of the sky.

Within the vision of the million strong army, countless black dots were as thick as stalks in a field of flax. They were filled with Swordbirds circling and dancing in the sky.

The Greenwing Swordbirds formed a green sea of Swordbirds. It was like the dams of the river in heaven had collapsed and an opening had formed in the sky above the Second Crossing, draining the waters away with abandon.

There were inumerous Silverwing Swordbirds interspersed amongst the green ocean.

There were even many Goldwing Swordbirds within. Many golden shadows, and a plentitude of golden streaks of light could be seen across the sky. There were at least several hundred threading throughout the mass.

The clouds and wind had changed color, the sun and moon without light.

The million strong army finally knew the meaning of these words.

The originally hoity-toity million strong army was suddenly reduced to an exceedingly miniscule existence compared to the sea of Swordbirds, just like the lights of fireflies...

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