Chapter 1019: A Game of Seven Emperors

“Your master is a truly remarkable man. I wonder if I’ll have the fortune of meeting him someday. With a sage so much more my senior, even the mere passing of acquaintances would yield me a lifetime of benefit.” Emperor Peafowl yearned for a conversation with and dispensation of wisdom from such a legendary figure. As always, he thought that the aforementioned master had taught and given all that Jiang Chen had and knew. What other explanation was there?

Could Regal Pill Palace be capable of such a thing? It was impossible for a fourth-ranked sect to have educated a student as excellent as Jiang Chen. Therefore, the emperor firmly believed the more reasonable alternative. The mysterious hermit who had taught Jiang Chen all he knew was, in actuality, one of the strongest cultivators in this world. As for how strong exactly, that wasn’t something the emperor could begin to guess at. Jiang Chen had performed many miracles, all of them earth-shaking. If Emperor Peafowl were two thousand years younger, he might have requested to become Jiang Chen’s disciple as well. Pill King Lu Feng had...

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