Chapter 1017: Sending Lin Yanyu on An Errand

Lin Yanyu harbored great hatred towards Pillfire City. His family had been annihilated simply because they had accidentally obtained an ancient sky rank pill recipe that was passed down in the family. It was only natural that he couldn’t forget this deep-seated grudge. His anger and desire for revenge burned fiercely after the seed of hatred had been planted and nurtured since young.

“How do you think we should proceed?” Jiang Chen asked smilingly. His question was intended as a test.

Lin Yanyu thought for a moment before sighing. “Of course, the most delightful way is for master to publicize your identity and challenge Pillfire City directly on their own grounds. This is also the most direct and domineering method. However, the risk is too high, even though it is a very flashy way that is certainly going to soothe some of my hatred. Pillfire City doesn’t hesitate to act by fair means or foul, so it will be very hard for you to extricate yourself after the deed is over. Unless…”

“Unless?” Jiang Chen asked smilingly.

“Unless Emperor Peafowl accompanies you on your journey. With Emperor Peafowl by your side, there is nothing Pillfire City can do against you t...

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