Chapter 1016: Jiang Chen’s Plans

The disciples of Regal Pill Palace were incredibly anxious after being reprimanded. They realized that they could no longer freeload. After saying what he needed to say, Jiang Chen didn’t pursue the matter any further. When they left, he summoned Pill Kings Bu and Lu Feng to the secret chamber to ask about the recent state of Taiyuan Tower. The two old men understood the weight of their responsibilities. There was nothing they could be reprimanded for. 

Ling Su didn’t spend much time in Veluriyam Capital after Ling Hui’er decided to move to the young lord residence. He much preferred the life of an adventurer and his previous line of work. Nothing held him back anymore since his youngest daughter was now in safe hands. He had left the capital a few years ago to go on his own adventure.

Jiang Chen guessed that Ling Su was likely searching for Ling Bi’er. He missed the latter greatly. Back when they were in the Myriad Domain, Ling Bi’er had risked her own life just to warn him about the secret...

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