Chapter 1016: Jiang Chen’s Plans

The disciples of Regal Pill Palace were incredibly anxious after being reprimanded. They realized that they could no longer freeload. After saying what he needed to say, Jiang Chen didn’t pursue the matter any further. When they left, he summoned Pill Kings Bu and Lu Feng to the secret chamber to ask about the recent state of Taiyuan Tower. The two old men understood the weight of their responsibilities. There was nothing they could be reprimanded for. 

Ling Su didn’t spend much time in Veluriyam Capital after Ling Hui’er decided to move to the young lord residence. He much preferred the life of an adventurer and his previous line of work. Nothing held him back anymore since his youngest daughter was now in safe hands. He had left the capital a few years ago to go on his own adventure.

Jiang Chen guessed that Ling Su was likely searching for Ling Bi’er. He missed the latter greatly. Back when they were in the Myriad Domain, Ling Bi’er had risked her own life just to warn him about the secret attempt on his life. He felt that he owed her a favor. Sigh… Palace Head Dan Chi has been missing ever since the fall of Regal Pill Palace. The elders of the sect have either died or left. I wonder how long it will take to finally rebuild the sect? This matter was an enormous stone weighing down his heart.

Palace Head Dan Chi had treated him with much care and respect back then, but the reconstruction of Regal Pill Palace had gone nowhere after so many years. He felt somewhat remorseful about this. The sect couldn’t be rebuilt in just a day. Truthfully, the task wouldn’t be too difficult if he borrowed outside power and raised the flag of reviving the sect. But, a sect should be rebuilt by its own members. 

The elders of Regal Pill Palace should also be present to increase its prestige. Also, new blood was needed to infuse meaning into the reconstruction of the sect. There wasn’t much reason to rebuild Regal Pill Palace for such a small group of people. Moreover, Jiang Chen was also somewhat disappointed in them. Shen Trifire and the rest weren’t capable of shouldering the entire sect. Only a genius of Ling Bi’er or Shen Qinghong’s caliber was capable of such a feat. Jiang Chen believed that Mu Gaoqi was the best person for the task, but he had been swept up by the previous incident and was now in Pillfire City, his status unknown.

Maybe this is a sign that it’s time to visit Pillfire City. Jiang Chen had always admired the pure, kind, and somewhat introverted pill dao genius. Mu Gaoqi even surpassed Lin Yanyu, a noble descendent from Pillfire City, in terms of raw pill dao talent. He was one of the biggest talents in the Upper Eight Regions due to his innate wood constitution of high order. Mu Gaoqi is like a brother to me. How can I be at peace if I don’t rescue him from his current predicament? Moreover, I need talent like him. I can’t bear to see a genius of his caliber end up as a slave for others.

Jiang Chen had been wanting to go on an expedition to the outside world ever since he exited the Veluriyam Pagoda. Of course, rescuing Mu Gaoqi wasn’t his only goal. He wanted to find his father, Jiang Feng, as well. He might be worried about Mu Gaoqi, but he wasn’t overly concerned because he knew where Mu Gaoqi was. His brother wasn’t in any danger for now. However, the same couldn’t be said for his father, Jiang Feng. He had braved the Upper Eight Regions with just a spirit realm cultivation. Jiang Chen genuinely missed him and was filled with worry every time he thought of this. Unfortunately, the human domain was as vast as the ocean. He wasn’t able to catch any hint of his father, even with the resources and intelligence that Sacred Peafowl Mountain and the Coiling Dragon Clan had. 

This worried him greatly. The greatest obstacle in his search was the fact that his parents hadn’t left any leads. However, his father had left him a letter. The contents were already seared into his mind, but there simply wasn’t enough information that he could use as a lead. All he knew was that they were now in the Upper Eight Regions. 

He knew next to nothing about his mother’s background. He’d thought about visiting the Lan clan, the clan which had taken in his mother, to make some inquiries before. Unfortunately, he found out that the entire clan had gone missing when he returned to the Eastern Kingdom. It was possible that the entire group had been exterminated. The Lans were technically Jiang Chen’s maternal relatives, but his impression of them wasn’t very good. It was the reason why their disappearance hadn’t particularly bothered him.

His cousin Xue Tong was also one of the Lan grandchildren and related to them by blood, but he was also greatly loathed by them, and he knew nothing about them. Jiang Chen was incredibly vexed. He couldn’t just sit back and relax when his father was in danger. He might not feel anything for his mother from this life, but his relationship with Jiang Feng ran incredibly deep. It couldn’t be compared to his relationship with his father from his previous life, but Jiang Feng definitely came second to the Celestial Emperor.

Blood was thicker than water. At the end of the day, he was still Jiang Feng’s flesh and blood. The love and shelter his father had given him wasn’t something that could be repaid. His father had shown him concern and care during his weakest moments and was the reason why he was able to turn his life around when he first reincarnated into his present body. His father could only do less and less when Jiang Chen grew stronger and eventually became the pivotal person of the Eastern Kingdom, but his love and concern hadn’t diminished one bit.

Jiang Chen greatly approved of Jiang Feng as a father. He would never give up on the search for him even if he was searching for a needle in a haystack. Dead or alive, he was going to find his father! If father is no longer alive, then I must find mother. I will find the woman that he loved so much and tell her that father spent his whole life searching for her, even though he was unable to protect her before. If someone really forced her to leave, then I’ll make that person pay!

Jiang Chen was no longer someone who lived by the rules of others. He was the young lord of Sacred Peafowl Mountain! His status was greater than that of many others. His mother’s background no longer mattered as long as she was from the Upper Eight Regions. He was confident that he could even the score for his father. 

Of course, that was assuming that someone had forced his mother to leave. Things would be complicated if his mother had parted with his father without a semblance of regret. There would be no outlet for him to vent his anger. However, Jiang Chen remained resolute. I have no recollection of the woman who gave birth to me, but since father remains smitten by her after all these years, I am confident that she is someone worthy of my father’s love. He knew his father well. A big respectable man like him would never be so enchanted by a woman unworthy of his love.

Jiang Chen decided that he would use this opportunity to explore the Upper Eight Regions and keep an ear out for more information. It would be great if he could find traces of his father, but it wouldn’t be bad either if he somehow found information about his mother. It could potentially lead him to his father.

The Upper Eight Regions spanned miles and miles. The summation of all eight territories was roughly fifty times larger than the Myriad Domain. Searching every corner of the region was impractical. He could only search as he journeyed, but he couldn’t be too open about his search either. After all, he was being hunted by two great sects and the Great Scarlet Mid Region. It might implicate his father and put him in danger if his true identity was revealed during the search.

His father had left him years before he had a bounty on his head. The factions searching for him definitely didn’t know where his father was. If he was too open about his search, it might attract attention from those great sects, essentially throwing his father into a fire pit. He was careful and meticulous. He couldn’t afford to let that happen.

“Your disciple, Lin Yanyu, pays his respects to the honorable master.” Lin Yanyu immediately responded to his master’s summons when he heard that his master wanted to see him.

“Yanyu, no need to be overly formal. I’ve summoned you to ask you something.”

“Master, please speak your mind.” Lin Yanyu had great veneration for his master. He was genuinely excited that he could be his disciple. The more time he spent with Jiang Chen, the more he was impressed by his master’s knowledge of pill dao. No slouch could ever defeat a pill dao master like Pill King Ji Lang. Therefore, Lin Yanyu deeply cherished this master and disciple relationship.

“It’s been a long time since you’ve left Pillfire City. Do you want to go back and explore a little?” Jiang Chen asked while smiling.

“Go back to Pillfire City?” Lin Yanyu was confused. “Master, why do you ask such a thing?”

“Mm. I remember you mentioned that someone in Pillfire City purchased a pill dao genius with an innate wood constitution of high order. Is that right? 

Lin Yanyu remembered. His master had asked him this question when they were in the outer regions of the desolate wildlands. The incident had caused a great commotion in Pillfire City. He was in the city at that time and heard discussions about it. He nodded. “Yes indeed. Master, are you interested in the one with the innate wood constitution of high order?”

“Extremely.” Jiang Chen replied with a faint smile on his face. “Lin Yanyu, are you brave enough to accompany me to Pillfire City and poach some people?”

Lin Yanyu’s eyes brimmed with excitement. “Master, how do you suppose we do that? I’m more than ready to cause some trouble.”

He hated Pillfire City with the passion of a thousand suns. He was extremely excited that his master had suggested such a thing!

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