Chapter 1013: Refining The Pinecrane Pill

There was nothing Emperor Peafowl could do with regards to an earth attribute treasure. However, he was incredibly gratified after hearing Jiang Chen’s explanation. He realized that the young genius already had a unique understanding of martial dao. There was no need for further advice.

“Jiang Chen, I am truly gratified to see that you possess such an incredible comprehension of martial dao. I will be traveling to the desolate wildlands in a few days. Sacred Peafowl Mountain will be in your hands now.”

Jiang Chen was stunned. “So soon?”

“Haha! Why do you complain when I’m handing power over to you?” Emperor Peafowl teased in a half-joking manner.

Jiang Chen smiled wryly. “Your Majesty, I’m only worried that we are taking things too quickly. My foundation has yet to solidify. I also don’t have any experience in managing Sacred Peafowl Mountain. Also, I wish to depart on an adventure in a few days. I want to see the world and broaden my horizons.”

Emperor Peafowl smiled. “No worries. You don’t need to be at home all the time to manage Sacred Peafowl Mountain. As the young lord,...

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