Chapter 1011: Jiang Chen Exits the Pagoda

Both the empyrean decree and relic did exist. However, that they were the Veluriyam Pagoda’s heart was just a diversion. The true heart of the Veluriyam Pagoda was a hundred times more valuable. Though Master P’eng did not clearly say it outright, his tone was verification enough. The creator of the Veluriyam Pagoda was definitely beyond empyrean rank. Thus, the Pagoda’s innermost secrets couldn’t be as simple as they appeared on the surface.

The things that everyone’s seen for over a hundred thousand years is only surface level, huh… how unexpected. So the Pagoda’s real secrets haven’t even shown themselves yet. Jiang Chen mused to himself. This made a lot more sense. If the Veluriyam Pagoda’s secrets had been exposed long before, then there was no way it could stand this long without crumbling.

Other problems aside, the hidden experts of the Myriad Abyss Island were sure to come at any cost if they knew. The secrets of someone greater than empyrean realm were quite attractive indeed. However, just an empyrean decree and an empyrean relic were insufficient to draw those same experts out. Those...

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