Chapter 101: Tremble, Long Family

Chapter 101: Tremble, Long Family

It could be said that in the entire kingdom, for both those who had already conceded to Long Zhaofeng and those who hadn’t before, there was only one choice, and that was to accede to his rule.

Of all the powers within the kingdom, there were almost none that could threaten the existence of the Long family, much less contend against them.

After all, the Long family had just won the heavens. Their presence as a superior being was enough to roll over all dukes.

Of course, a few people also knew that Jiang Chen was an exception.

Long Zhaofeng had summoned the great army in order to prune the great thorn in his side, Jiang Chen.

Except, no one thought that Jiang Chen had any qualifications to fight against the might of the entire kingdom.

Eastern Lu had been so powerful and yet he barely lasted past a few days.

As for Jiang Chen, Long Zhaofeng placed such an emphasis on him not because of how strong the former was, but because the depths of enmity between the Long family and the Jiang family could not even be washed away with all the waters in the sea.

Upon hearing such wild words come from Jiang Chen, the soldiers of all three armies naturally felt that Jiang Chen was merely voicing his wishful thinking.

“Who will capture this traitor...

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