Chapter 1008: Reactions From All Sides

The four walls of Skykun Palace were recorded with words and images of all sorts of inheritances. Their sheer number overwhelmed Jiang Chen. It was actually quite difficult to find one cultivation method from these dense walls of information. Even if the cultivation method was correctly identified, two or three months would probably have passed since then. However, the challenger was only given half a year’s time to prepare before the first challenge began. Therefore, the challenger was actually quite pressed for time. 

Of course, should the challenger fail to pass the challenge, they would be given a second chance. This rule applied at every stage. However, all cultivators were naturally competitive. No one was willing to use this second chance if at all possible. After all, what if the inheritance was somehow altered because they used the second chance? Therefore, Jiang Chen had no plans to use the second chance. He only wanted to use the chance to leave.

Although the Veluriyam Pagoda and the outside world shared the same flow of time, a cultivator could cultivate ten to twenty times faster in the Veluriyam Pagoda. He had entered the Veluriyam Pagoda for a very long time, and he was rather concerned...

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