Chapter 1007: Kunpeng’s Meteoric Escape

Even Jiang Chen could feel a great sense of danger with his limited knowledge of the human domain, much less Honored Master P'eng’s dissatisfaction with the current state of the human race. The human race’s present situation was one in which they had to restructure themselves in search of salvation. If the current state of affairs were allowed to continue, the moment the demon race broke through the ancient seals, they would undoubtedly engulf the entire human domain. Jiang Chen had seen the signs since a long time ago.

There were just too few people with knowledge and experience within the human race right now. In the olden days, someone like Emperor Peafowl would be at best an average cultivator, but in present times he was practically one of the strongest leaders of the human domain. Most importantly, there weren’t even that many people at Emperor Peafowl’s level at all. The fact that there weren’t many people in Veluriyam Capital who could understand the emperor’s viewpoint showed just how few people there were in the entire human domain that truly possessed his visions and aspirations. There weren’t many people who would consider the fate of the entire human race either.

More than a hundred...

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