Chapter 1006: An Angry Old Man

Jiang Chen could tell that there was a long history between them. Honored Master P'eng was expressing his resentment towards the master of the Veluriyam Pagoda, but one could tell from his voice that he didn’t just bear hatred for the late master. Rather, it was an odd mixture of gratitude and grudge.  

“Alright, the past should remain in the past. Young lad, what is your name?”

Jiang Chen wanted to tell the keeper his fake name, but he quickly realized that there was no need to do so within the pagoda. “This young lad is called Jiang Chen, but because of certain reasons, I’m now going by the name of Zhen Shi. I am the young lord of Sacred Peafowl Mountain of Veluriyam Capital.” 

“Sacred Peafowl Mountain?” The elder shook his head in a confused manner. “Never heard of it.”

“Senior, you’ve never heard of Sacred Peafowl Mountain?” Jiang Chen was quite taken aback.

“Is that weird?” Honored Master P'eng asked in response.

Jiang Chen smiled wryly. “Sacred Peafowl Mountain is the current ruling faction of Veluriyam Capital. They’ve been the rulers for many millennia."

“Only a few thousand years?” Honored Master P'eng laughed. “Do you know how long I’ve...

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