Chapter 1005: Honored Master P'eng

Jiang Chen was slightly surprised when he heard this voice. This wasn’t the voice he’d heard earlier. A voice had guided all the cultivators since they entered Veluriyam Pagoda. It had been the same voice up until he’d entered this palace of heritage. But this time, it was different. Although it sounded just as weary as the previous voice, there was a trace of human emotion behind this new voice. It held a mixture of some worry, joy, and surprise. He thought that the voices of Veluriyam Pagoda were all set up through the mysterious application of some formations. So why was there such a complicated mixture of feelings behind this new voice? Why did it sound like someone was talking to him in real time?

Jiang Chen calmed himself down and started looking around confidently. This place was a palace alright, but it wasn’t nearly as dazzling or luxurious as he had imagined it would be before he’d come in. It was ancient and mysterious. Every inch of land in this place seemed to have been marked with the passage of time. However, it was completely empty. He couldn’t find a place where someone might be talking to him from at all.

“There is no need to search for me, young man. You can’t detect me with your current consciousness. You only need to remember one thing, and that is that this is the first palace of the Six Palaces...

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