Chapter 1004: Inheriting the Six Palaces

For both Jiang Chen and his observers outside, the last day seemed by far the longest. He felt hopeless exhaustion. There seemed to be many mountains sitting on his consciousness, their heavy weights pressing down on him. The endless trials of the three past days had forced his stamina to its limit. If the test had gone on for three more days, Jiang Chen would surely have been strained to the point of failure. He was truly at his wit’s end this time. Thankfully, a day only consisted of twenty-four hours. No matter how long one sometimes seemed, every day eventually came to an end at some point. 

When the last second of the final day finally passed, the ninth Veluriyam Obelisk gave off a cheerful ring. In the next instant, the Pelagic Dragon Obelisk shone with a brilliant light. The entire obelisk shimmered a jadeite green, giving off the appearance of an enormous stele of emerald. In that moment, its radiance was unparalleled.

“Congratulations on conquering the ninth Veluriyam Obelisk, young man. You are the third genius to have done so for...

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