Chapter 1002: The Mysterious Chain Seal

Standing before the ninth obelisk, Jiang Chen wondered if he had opened a portal and arrived in a different world. The difficulty of the ninth obelisk was increased by at least five times. Jiang Chen sent his consciousness towards the ninth obelisk to activate it. A great pressure fell from above, as though the sky had collapsed on top of him. Jiang Chen was genuinely suppressed by the aura and pressure emitted by the ninth obelisk. He would have wet his pants if his dao heart and consciousness hadn’t been so unwaveringly resilient. The ninth obelisk was immensely packed with substance. He seemed to have opened the gates of hell itself. Sometimes, he would be pelted by eerie winds filled with rage or baleful killing intent, other times he would hear wraiths shrieking and wailing. He could even hear an approaching army from hell.

“Young one, welcome to the Pelagic Dragon Obelisk. This is the final obelisk and your final test. If you overcome this challenge, you...

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