Chapter 1001: Momentum That Leaves One Speechless

The good news from the Pagoda spread like wildfire throughout Veluriyam Capital. Someone had passed the eighth Veluriyam Obelisk and broken the record Emperor Peafowl had held for nearly five thousand years! Emperor Peafowl’s apparent intention to advertise this success only caused the news to spread even faster. The three words “young lord Zhen” were brought up again and again amongst the citizens of Veluriyam Capital. People were of the mindset that the greatest star of Veluriyam Capital’s young generation of cultivators had made his appearance. Young lord Zhen was absolutely the best candidate to succeed Emperor Peafowl. His achievements and the fortune he carried were proof of his qualification.

For the past three thousand years, Emperor Peafowl had been the absolute authority in Veluriyam Capital. He was the totem and protector god in most citizens’ hearts. Young lord Zhen breaking through the record that a young Emperor Peafowl had set meant that young lord Zhen was even greater than the emperor. In addition, his excellence was acknowledged by Emperor Peafowl himself.

The student surpasses the master and...

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