Chapter 1000: A Comparison of Geniuses

His consciousness locked onto the eighth obelisk, Jiang Chen went over all knowledge of the vermilion bird image that the obelisk was imparting. The image underwent a myriad of transformations. It was sometimes a mere mirage or a chaotic fog, sometimes a fiery ocean that immolated all. Its wings were outstretched, ready to receive the energy of the heavens and earth at any moment. Any movement of its blazing eyes were as radiant as the celestial heavens. 

Jiang Chen carefully took in the various changes of the image, slowly refining the spark of Prehistory Flame within his body. He would first have to refine the essence of this flame and manipulate it at will before he could use it to coalesce the vermilion bird image. The vermilion bird was a divine beast born of flames and its very fate was tired to fire. Therefore, the core to grasping the image was one’s control over the element of fire.

“It’s a pity that I don’t have the vermilion bird bloodline...

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