Chapter 877: Those Who Make the Rules

Chapter 877: Those Who Make the Rules

“Please wait, friend.” A trace of anxiety fleeted across the Prince of Shangping’s calm face. If Jiang Chen were to step out of this place, their secret alliance would be completely exposed. If the cultivators outside learned of their plans to take control, they would absolutely go ballistic. This was why they couldn’t allow this young man to leave no matter what. Plus, considering his temper, he would definitely rile up the crowd.

Jiang Chen smiled, “Do you think you can stop me?”

The moment he’d arrived, he’d already spread out his consciousness throughout the entire area and thoroughly gauged everyone’s strength. Although there were a lot of experts here, they were all at emperor realm. He was sure that no one here who could truly harm him. Jiang Chen wasn’t being arrogant—it was simply a fact that, with his current level of cultivation and the number of treasures he possessed, no ordinary emperor realm cultivator was capable of suppressing him. Sure, a sky emperor realm cultivator who also possessed an overpowered treasure might cause him to be a bit more wary, but even then he wouldn’t be afraid of them. 

Some cultivators exuded confidence completely for show, while...

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