Solo Leveling: Ragnarok

Solo Leveling: Ragnarok

14 Reviews
Pix612, Catherine Stewart, Jiwon Yu, Hannah Shin
The Earth's existence is under threat once more as Itarim, the gods of other universes, seek to fill the void left by the Absolute Being. Sung Jinwoo has no choice but to send Beru, the shadow ant king, to awaken his son's powers and start him on the journey he once took. Suho must conquer the shadow dungeon and earn his place in the world of hunters as he navigates through a new world against a new evil looking to swallow the world whole.
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119 Chapters
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ⓒ Daul 2023 / D&C MEDIA


Original work ⓒ Daul 2023 / D&C MEDIA

Launch date: 6 January 2024

Release rate: 3 chapters a week

14 Reviews
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5 months ago
Not recommended
Edit: All the positive reviews acknowledge that this is mediocre, yet they insist on giving it a recommendation just because the prequel "pioneered" or "popularized" the genre instead of looking at the actual quality and substance of this sequel. XD

This is really mediocre at best, and most of the time it's worse. The writing seems to have not improved at all since the previous work. And by that, I meant compared to Solo Leveling's last arc, which was rushed and fell flat. You can really tell that the author is still stuck in the side-stories mindset of Solo Leveling, because each chapter is really short and feels like filler. There is also no uniqueness or wow factor to it. It's like a lazily written spin-off of Solo Leveling rather than a sequel. Can't really recommend reading this novel. Might as well wait for the manhwa, since that was the best part of Solo Leveling, the manhwa art.

5 months ago
Not recommended
Yeah I mean let’s be honest, Solo Leveling was always only slightly above average to begin with, the only reason so many people love it so much and give it 10/10s (including myself) is because it’s basically the Manhwa/web novel version of Sword Art Online’s anime. Wasn’t the greatest of all time, but it damn well felt like it because it was our gateway Manhwa/web novel and was what got us into it. I do try to remain as unbiased as possible, but this to me really does feel like a step down from solo leveling. Is it terrible? No. Is it good? Eh, it’s ok. Don’t expect Solo Leveling when going into it, though.

5 months ago
Not recommended
I'm sorry to say this but this is terrible and needs to be downvoted. 100% one of the worst novels on wuxiaworld I've read.

I loved the prequel, I've reread it at least 5x at this point and it's the only webnovel that I've been able to read the adapted manwha for (because they are almost all collectively terrible). But this sequel is horrible.

The writing has become significantly worse then the prequel, it suffers from a complete lack of flow as far as the story goes. Instead of feeling like your progressing through the story as the protagonist goes through his life one step at a time, it feels as though your listening to someone narrate his story one plot point at a time so it feels dull and meaningless.

Don't read this unless you want it to ruin your memories of the original.

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