Chapter 99 Hong-sunggoo’s Rush (2) .

Chapter 99 Hong-sunggoo’s Rush (2) .

Chapter 99 - Hong-sunggoo’s Rush (2)

 “Isn't that person a bit suspicious?”

The employee shrugged his shoulder at Woo-soonghoon's words.

“People like that are quite common. He's probably a Roused.”

“Is it?”

Artifacts came in a variety of forms.

People took out insurance on it, since the precious Artifacts might be stolen. Still, there were those who wore it out in the open occasionally.

Moreover, it wasn't rare to see people wearing swords and spears near the stations.

Ddi-ri-di-ri ding ding!

Soonghoon's handphone rang. When he took it out, he saw that it was Kim-haemin who had been promoted to the position of director.

“Uh? I wonder what's the occasion. Just buy me any juice.”

“Yes, chief.”

He sent the employee into the coffee shop ahead of him. Soonghoon sat on the chair out on the terrace and answered the phone.

“Yes, director.”

[Mr. Soonghoon. Did Mr. Sunggoo and Ms. Haesol go into the Dungeon right now?]

“Yes. They just went in right now.”

[Ha. This is bad. There was a Break at the Sadahng station. Don't come to the office. Please evacuate for now.]


Woo-soonghoon was blinking his eyes when the noisy siren started to wail.


It was as if they were running a civil defense drill. However, the sound sent chills down Woo-soonghoon's spine....

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