Chapter 97 Dismay (2).

Chapter 97 Dismay (2).

Chapter 97 - Dismay (2)

The US government couldn't even announce the cessation of hostilities yet. The troops didn't even have to keep the public peace, since the insurgents had all disappeared from the territories that had been held by the rebels. However, the Afghan government, the US government, and the UN council had to hold talks about this unprecedented event. While they were having this discussion, several members of the UN dispatched their troops as peacekeepers.

Already, half of the American forces that had been stationed in Afghanistan had moved out. They expected small acts of terror from the last remnants of the rebels, but the US soldiers knew their days were numbered. This was why the troops redoubled their efforts.

The remaining soldiers put on a small party to welcome the hero.

Food was plentiful, and alcohol was being served. The soldiers danced and laughed as they talked.

Woojin sat in the corner of the bar. He was drinking a cocktail mixed by a black man behind the bar. He didn't want to hear about exaggerated accounts of his heroism, and he wasn't interested in talking under the influence of liquor.

Everyone was feeling happy about the conclusion of the war. They were excited at the fact they'll be able to reunite with their families after returning to their home country. While he was quietly drinking his alcohol, the words spoken by the Holy Maiden kept circling around his mind.

‘I'm sorry. As the representative of Planet Alphen, I want to apologize to you.’

The Holy Maiden gave a heartfelt apology. She hadn't thought of...

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