Chapter 96 - Dismay

Chapter 96 Dismay.

Chapter 96 - Dismay


Above the burning battlefield, two US army helicopters were in the air.

The government made a big deal about deciding whether to attack the rebel's stronghold or not, but the US had been carrying out a small scale guerrilla attack on the insurgents for a while now. Moreover, the A team had rescued countless hostages and destroyed numerous key infrastructures. They had completed numerous missions.

The men wore sunglasses and all of them had an inner-ear mic. The noisy rotor of the helicopter didn't interfere with their conversation.

“Wow. What the hell are we seeing right now?”

“It's surprising.”

“Leader. I guess we have nothing to do?”

A Team leader Bron surveyed the battlefield where the winner had already been decided. He shook his head from side to side.

The infrastructure was destroyed: there were fallen buildings and craters had formed on the road from the bombardments. It was proof of how fierce the battle had been.

The creepy part was that there wasn't a single corpse of the enemy or allies on the field.

All of the enemy's corpses were used as medium to summon the Skeleton Soldiers. Moreover, Kahng-woojin was very careful about who he considered to be an ally, so he had been alone.

“To think it’s possible for a single person to settle all of this by force. It's surprising.”

“Doesn't it kind of make you depressed thinking...

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