Chapter 95 Wrath of the Desert (4).

Chapter 95 Wrath of the Desert (4).

Chapter 95 - Wrath of the Desert (4)

On one hand, she felt resentment towards him.

“Why didn't you rage like this before?”

The Immortal she remembered was the monarch of Alandal.

He took the land abandoned by the dead and he had declared the region his. He declared it to be Alandal. He never coveted the other lands, and he never invaded other territories. However, if his territory was breached, he would use all the power under his disposal to fight against the invaders.

The only thing under his protection was Alandal.

When Kingdoms were being torn apart, they had made an alliance to barely preserve their lives, yet the Immortal only protected Alandal. If only the Immortal had tried to protect Alphen instead of Alandal... If that had happened...

Would Alphen be safe now?

“Oh goddess. Please block his anger...”

Azell couldn't become enemies with his fellow people of earth. If he became disillusioned, he might seclude himself once again to become a spectator. In a flash, Earth would be put in the same spot as Alphen.

The people of Earth was busy trying to save their own planet, so would they even think about saving Alphen?

“Please let his anger lead to the downfall of Trahnet….”

She understood everything now.

Woojin wasn't a savior. No, he couldn't become one.

He was the god of Destruction Thrash's Champion.

It was better to ally with the detestable Imp race rather than ask help from the Immortal.

She just have to hope his anger would be turned toward Trahnet.

She wanted him to kill and destroy their...

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